Here at A Grade Property Management we do commercial, residential and short term rentals.

We do not hold onto rent funds – we pay our owners weekly because we care about your cash flow.

Many owners have been disappointed by the quality of some property managers- those who are often overloaded with a huge portfolio and stuck in the confines of a bureaucratic company.


A Grade Property Management has protocols, systems, checklists, manuals and owner service-driven policies at Head Quarters level. Owner-operators have their own portfolio adhering to the standards set by Head Quarters


Owner-operators are passionate and care about the properties they manage and the owners they work for. We also make sure we are trusted by tenants and that tenancies run smoothly. We give you as much or as little communication as you wish.


We have Chinese speaking,  and English speaking Property Managers so can represent a variety of cultures.


We answer our phones, return messages promptly, attend to works orders efficiently, and perform inspections with regularity.


We have a new program to do budgeting for maintenance and outgoings with each owner, and with a qualified Architect and Builder on the team, we can offer qualified advice.


So here at A Grade Property Management, we are appreciated by owners and trusted by tenants. We do Property Properly.

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