Tim Luk 

Franchise Owner & Property Manager  - Greater Auckland 

Tim has spent most of his working career counting and balancing numbers

Also investing in property.

Qualifications :  

So with a background as an Accounting Auditor Tim is great at numbers and detail

He also loves property and the rules around property & compliance and getting your 

investor yields right

With such a great combination A Grade is very happy to have Tim & his gorgeous wife, Grace 

join our team. Located in Hibiscus Coast investors up there now have a property agent that is A Grade! Tim travels as far North as Whangarei, out West to Kumeu and beyond, and also into the city

So if you want efficient, decisive, and uncanny with numbers, then Tim is your man 


Mobile 020 4017 5741


A Grade Property Management






+64 22 500 2040

Suite C, 42 E Tawa Drive

Tawa Office Park

Albany, Auckland 0637

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