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When you’re looking to buy (or already own) an investment property, you want it to
achieve a few things:


  • The best possible rent

  • An outstanding tenant, who pays the rent on time, stays there for years and looks after it like their own

  • Low vacancy over the years


So we’ve prepared this special report on our top seven tips to make your investment property irresistible to a tenant.

Remember, the amount of rent you achieve on a property is largely influenced by what’s happening in the local market and the level of supply and demand in the area.

However, if you follow our seven tips, you’ll give yourself the best chance of getting the best rent, the greatest tenant and peace of mind that comes with having your investment property occupied and earning you income.

This report is, of course, a general guide and not to be taken as legal or financial advice, so please consult your legal and financial advisors before making any investment decisions.

Tracy-lee Kellett
A Grade Property Management