Dear Associate Minister of Housing..

So last night I got a bit worked up. Perplexed and confused. Like Billy Connelly who was locked in a phone booth unable to get out... Seriously though, I was reading comments on the property investor FB page and feeling the shared angst.

So I wrote to Chris Faafoi (Associate Minister of Housing ) Boom!

I asked Mr Faafoi why the government is trying to destroy the rental housing industry?

Why are the 85 to 90% fair and responsible owners being punished because of the minority?

Why does he propose we can not end tenancies involving bad tenants when the tenants and the owners of houses in the same street are begging us to?

Why does the Government not take care of social housing?

I explained I truly did not see why he wanted to make it hard for owners, many humble kiwis working 2 jobs to fund a rental property aiming to secure retirement income.

Why should these folk take a hit from tenants who have no respect for a property?

I explained I worked at a grassroots level in this industry every day and suggested he may create a mass exodus from the private landlord industry

I wanted to know why the Government does not focus on Social Housing and have clear simple and FAIR guidelines for the private industry.

I have had a reply and will be pushing for a meeting. I know I am not a big player in this industry. But I still care very much about fairness and Justice.

I'll keep you posted. Tracy-lee, Managing Director A Grade Property Management

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