Emergency Accommodation is an emotional topic right now and one I feel strongly about.

Local suburbs are being destroyed by the plethora of emergency housing tenants being placed into local motels and rental properties.

I have no problem with welfare help for deserving NZ citizens.

But to have people convicted and released on bail to a waterfront motel or freshly released criminals tenanted in them I think is irresponsible.

In my local beach suburb, children are being accosted on their way to school and having shoes or bags taken from them.

In Rosedale, a friend of mine who works in a medical practice set off the road with a pretty tree-lined view is sometimes fearful to walk to her car in the dark.

Two years ago she enjoyed peaceful walks at lunchtime.

Now there is 24-hour security at her block - as just down the road a motel is filled with emergency housing.

Vomit on the sidewalk, people standing around looking ominous. Burglaries on the up.

Then today I read about the escalating crime rate in Auckland CBD . Crime has sparked rapidly since the March 2020 lockdown - up 63% for the first 5 months of 21 as compared to 2020. In numbers, this is an increase from 628 to 1026 assaults

Thefts are also up 59%, and thefts against organizations in the CBD are up over 90%.

This is a very worrying trend indeed!

Clients of mine worked hard all of their lives - in a motel near the Taupo Waterfront and just as they should be preparing to sell and retire

a motel 2 sites away from where they are located, been leased to the government to be used for newly released convicted criminals.

My clients now need 24-hour security for their property and guests complain about cars being broken into, being harrassed when strolling into Taupo, and more. Noise and parties are prevalent.

Four of Auckland's Business Associations, have increased their security spending by over $250,000 - an insane amount of money.

Apartment blocks are being filled with '501's' = deportees and the effect on others living in the area is huge.

Gangs rolling in and causing fights, assaults, and more and fear for locals to go near Gore Street Lane.

And we are told that over 1 million per day is being spent on emergency housing here in New Zealand.

I think it is time property owners got together and lobbied the government.

I am NOT anti emergency housing at all, I am against our taxes and rates paying for gangs and criminals to be staying free in quality properties destroying the safety of hardworking locals.

I would be interested in your comments and thoughts.

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