Pets in Rental Properties

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

This is a hot topic this week. There is a plethora of Facebook posts opining from both points of view .

Tenants want to be able to keep their cats and dogs, some even foster rabbits.

Owners are talking about the times they felt sorry for people with “outside dogs”

Then were left with scratched floors and doors and carpet that reeked.

As an experienced property manager who places great emphasis on making tenants happy and comfortable, I have to say that compulsory acceptance of pets is a silly idea.

Not everyone pet owner is skilled at animal management or has the time and resources to complete and maintain adequate training. Not all properties are suitable for pets. Many people are allergic to cats or dogs or animal hair .

At A Grade we never discriminate towards pets and often promote pet ownership to our owners.

However some flooring surfaces such as high polished wood are too easily damaged. And some body corporates do not allow pets. There are also bush land areas designed to promote the life of birds, that are less suitable to having a cat in every house.

If a couple or family has outstanding references, is not going to lock a dog inside alone all day, agrees to professional anti allergy carpet cleaning afterwards and such we will promote these tenants to the owners. We have some wonderful tenants with pets.

However we had also had some very bad experiences. We've had a tenant who complained voraciously about the old pet odor on her carpet so the owner put brand new carpet down. A month later this same tenant had two big dogs inside. After her exit we struggled to get rid of pungent dog smell.

I think if you want to have pets and want security, save for a house or understand that it is a choice you made. A landlord has a rental property as a business - he is not a social benefactor. He should not be made to lose money because of a choice his customers made.

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