Pro-Vaccine or Anti-Vaccine? | From a Property Manager's Point of View

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

As a Property Management company we often - most often - blog about properties and the property market.

However, people are an intrinsic part of this industry and today we are going to share about 'people'.

We, New Zealanders, are used to freedom, space, and independence, and now with COVID, we find ourselves lacking these perceived rights and certainly subconscious values.

Whether we believe in COVID - whether we are pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine - we are finding ourselves in a society pitting friends and families against each other.

I genuinely believe this all started with Trump's divide and conquer during his failed re-election bid, but of course I could have that wrong

And that the issue of the vaccine being safe/or not - tested or not- has been hijacked by extremist supporters of 'freedom of rights'.

Personally, I do not believe we have a lot of so-called 'democratic rights ' left, We can not go to school until we are 5 years of age, we can not assault people who offend us, we can not drive a car without a license, we can not buy some land and build a house without a permit.

So in the interest of what I believe to be what the community needs, I am double vaxxed and will get the booster.

You see I had H1N1 a decade ago and never want to feel that way again.

I also run a business that deems I must be vaccinated.

But I totally accept other points of view and do not judge or try to convince people to share mine.

And as people, we need connection and non-judgement more than ever before.

People are lonely, stressed, and fearful. I see it daily in the tenants I deal with who have lost jobs, lost friends, and are isolated.

The only things I can share are...

Take care of yourself, use APPs like CALM and TAPPING and SLEEP.

The Weight Watchers APP has menus and food and sleep stories and yoga and more - best APP I have ever used !! ( Yes it's true - i have the Covid 10KG oh no)

and to anyone still reading...

It's OK to tell people you are feeling out of sorts. It is OK to be scared of moving house.

It's OK to ask people to keep their distance at viewings and expect sanitiser and good protocols.

It's OK to ask for help, help others, and accept that we are grieving a way of life.

Everything, except being rude and aggressive to others is okay.

You are OK We will be OK Lets be like 'OK"

And as always, if you need a hand with managing your properties, then ask for AGrade - book a free, no-obligation call below.

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