Property Maintenance is a Serious Matter | $38,000 Tribunal Fine!

The days of charging rent and not doing maintenance are well & truly over.

If your Property Manager tries to explain that something needs to be done -

Please do it! The tribunal fining a landlord for $38,000 shows why!

Last week an Australian-based couple was fined $38,000 for failing to comply with Health & Safety and Healthy Homes requirements.

Their Christchurch-based rental was full of mould, improperly wired (The TV gave off electric shocks whenever it was switched on), and the property was deemed 9/10 for uninhabitable!

The tenants' clothes and bedding constantly had to be thrown out after developing mould that would not wash out.

There was no insulation and no smoke alarms.

The tenants were a large intergenerational immigrant family who did not understand their rights.

Sadly, it was not until a child, a little girl, was hospitalised with Rheumatic Fever and health care workers inspected the home, that the state of the property was discovered.

Described as the worst yet seen, the property was damp, cold, and full of mould.

And the little girl? Rheumatic heart disease occurs when the heart valves are permanently damaged by rheumatic fever, this little girl will have painful antibiotic injections every month for at least 10 years. She may have a shorter life expectancy and she will not have the fortitude of other children and will always have to take her weakened heart into consideration when wanting to play with others.

The owners, named Anne & Roger Stocker and who live in Australia, did not undertake maintenance, did not take on the RTA rules and appoint a NZ based Property Manager, did not take into consideration the quality of life for the tenants.

They did, however, take the rent. Every week.

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