Many of you are already aware the Social Services Select Committee has called for submissions on the Bill to introduce reforms to the RTA 1986

The bill introduced is an update on the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill. and had its First Reading on 20 February in Parliament.

There has been a call for PUBLIC SUBMISSIONS and the deadline for these is March 25th.

Here is a link to copy-paste into your browser if you wish to make a submission

Amongst other changes, the bill will :

"Mandate that fixed-term tenancy agreements must become periodic tenancy agreements upon expiry unless both parties agree otherwise, or certain conditions apply."

I have serious issues with this one, what if 15 tenants give 21 days notice on December 4th - it won't matter how hard I work, I will not have many people coming to viewings or applying for tenancy at this time

"Remove a landlord's ability to use no cause terminations to end a periodic tenancy agreement and require landlords to use a justified reason to end a periodic tenancy, including new provisions to respond to anti-social behaviour."

I wrote to Chris Fafoi and he said "if a tenant gets a notice three times for the same thing in 90-days we can APPLY to terminate "- so any bad behaviour can go unrestricted for up to 6-months before we can take action ??

Increase financial penalties and give the Regulator new tools to take direct action against parties who are not meeting their obligations.

Licensing would take care of this

Allow for identifying details to be anonymised in situations where a party has been wholly or substantially successful in taking a case to the Tenancy Tribunal.

So a serial Landlord activist can remain anonymous?

"Ensure that tenants can add minor changes such as brackets to secure furniture and appliances against earthquake risk"

So we have to use qualified and insured Tradespeople, will tenants have to?

Will walls get destroyed with brackets and hooks? I have no problem with legitimate safety precautions though

Prohibit the solicitation of rental bids by landlords and limit rent increases to once every twelve months.

I have no problem with this either

I do not have a problem with regulations that benefit or protect both parties, however, I do have a BIG problem with the

Government trying to socialise Private Landlord Business. I would prefer the Government provided social housing.

As all that is going to happen, is any tenant that is slightly marginalised for whatever reason, will not be given and chance and offered a rental home.

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