About A Grade Property

Here at A Grade Property Management, we do commercial, residential, and short term rentals.  We do not hold onto rent funds – we pay our owners weekly because we care about your cash flow. 

A Grade Property Management has protocols, systems, checklists, manuals, and owner service-driven policies at Head Quarters level. Owner-operators have their own portfolio adhering to the standards set by Head Quarters. Owner-operators are passionate and care about the properties they manage and the owners they work for.


We also make sure we are trusted by tenants and that tenancies run smoothly. We give you as much or as little communication as you wish.


Step up to A Grade today.


Why Use Property Management

The Rental Industry is becoming more and more complex and regulated whilst tenants are becoming very aware of their rights and expectations as tenants.


We have helped many well-meaning and caring landlords who have suffered losses pertaining to their rental property. Losses that could have been avoided


Our primary job is to look after your Asset, optimise your rental revenue, and manage your tenants professionally. 


We do Property properly.

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Vacant Properties

The average vacancy of an owner-managed property is three times the A Grade average vacancy. This is because we react to a tenant giving notice immediately & follow an effect 21-day process of viewings.

A Grade has a protocol in place for the minute someone gives notice and a checklist to ensure this protocol is followed ensuring our owners receive the best opportunity to have a seamless cross over of tenants.

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Trusting Tenants

Unfortunately, some owners have listened to the appeal of tenants and been caught with known bad payers or overcrowding in a property they own


A Grade has a protocol for tenant recruitment and screening and we do landlord, employer and character checks, Google searches, income testing, credit checks and more

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Asset Management

Owners can get busy, be travelling or not want to trouble the tenant with visits. However good maintenance management can prevent incidents occurring, regular obvious maintenance is important for chimney sweeping, gutter cleaning and more however we make sure we inspect for traces of issues to come. Some companies inspect 6- monthly which we feel is too long to ignore your investment

A Grade inspect every three months with comprehensive mobile reports sent straight to you

We ensure your Property meets Insulation &  Smoke Alarm Requirements and you have astated you will comply with the new Healthy Homes Standards

Owners can be penalized for not having proof of working smoke alarms and preparing for insulation before July 2019.

A Grade has comprehensive statements and checks smoke alarms 3-monthly. We also have an ongoing Insulation inspection program so all-out managed properties will comply.

Asbestos and Meth testing.

Despite the meth industry being labelled as scaremongering, tenants can still request tests and decided against a property. Also if Asbestos is present there are rules and regulations how this must be handled especially in relation to a tenancy. A Grade have the in house skills to test for meth ( and other drug residues) and a protocol to follow should a house test positive or have asbestos present

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Works Orders and Maintenance

Any work done on rental properties must be undertaken by an appropriately qualified Trades Person or Industry Agent who has Public Liability Insurance. Also, someone who has the skills to communicate with the tenant and complete the job as quickly as possible


A Grade has a range of tested, qualified and trusted works people.